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Jun Feng refractories Strength, advanced production equipment

Automatic production line 4, annual production of more than 3 tons of refractory products. The utility model can be used for various industrial kilns such as shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.


Unshaped refractory
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aluminum powder

aluminum powder




Product characteristics:
1, product impurities content is very few, generally below 150ppm; high purity, aluminum content in 99.5%-99.995%;
2. Good sphericity, smooth surface, uniform and reasonable particle size distribution, stable performance, strong oxidation resistance, and long-term storage;
3. The internal structure is uniform, dense, good ductility, and the two processing performance is good;
Applicable scope:
High purity spherical aluminum powder is suitable for all spheres of ordinary spherical aluminum powder, and is also applied to high-grade metal pigments, heat conductive agents, high precision alloys, medicine, precision powder pressing parts, ceramic industry, conductive coatings, solar electrode, catalyst, antiperspirant and so on.
Packaging and storage and transportation
Superfine aluminum powder is wrapped with paper, plastic and metal products. The inner lining is sealed with plastic bags, sealed with plastic bags and sealed outside.
Plastic bags should be sealed firmly, without mishap, empty and dirt, with polyethylene film manufacturing, its physical properties should be consistent with the provisions of GB4456.
Super fine powder package in the handling, transportation, not allowed to throw, bump, inverted.
Super fine powder with boxcar or rainproof measures of vehicle transportation.
Ultra fine aluminum powder should be stored in the dry warehouse, away from the heating, windows, not less than 1 meters.
Packaging specification
Paper plastic woven bags three in one specification: 25Kg, 50 Kg;
Simple packaging of coarse powder: PVC composite woven bag, 50 Kg;
Drum: 20Kg, 25 Kg, 40 Kg, 50 Kg, 200 Kg;
Tons of packaging: tons of bags 1000 Kg;