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Automatic production line 4, annual production of more than 3 tons of refractory products. The utility model can be used for various industrial kilns such as shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.


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Near the end of the year manganese alloy offer stable inflat


Due to low temperature and the main producing areas of Southern Mn alloy freezing range will expand again, alloy production is blocked, the power supply during the Spring Festival, plus also sent to the supply of raw materials and goods are brought to a certain pressure, the manganese alloy products offer a steady upward trend in recent. Because the production cost is more close to the bottom line, the recent production of goods inquiry trader relatively positive, the market slightly spot supply situation, some manufacturers offer a slight increase in the main market, offer steady.
At present, guimeng 6517# Southern mainstream factory tax prices in 8000-8200 yuan / ton, the north is 8200-8400 yuan / ton; 6014# price at around 7000 yuan / ton; high carbon ferromanganese 65 prices are mainly concentrated in the 7600-7800 yuan / ton, medium carbon ferromanganese 75C2.0# price for 10300-10500 yuan / ton, medium carbon ferromanganese 78C2.0# in the 11000-11400 yuan / ton, carbon in the South 78C1.5 offer for 11500-11800 yuan / ton, the north is 11800-12000 yuan / ton; low carbon ferromanganese 80C0.7# in 13600-13800 yuan / ton.
Feedback from the market point of view the news of a Guizhou manganese alloy manufacturer said the recent market is stable, the freezing rain weather transportation to the nearest trader has signed orders of goods can not be timely, manufacturers price years ago should not have a change of medium carbon ferromanganese. A Guangxi manufacturer said by the freezing weather, guimeng local market prices rose slightly. Guimeng 6014 to 7000 yuan / ton, but because of the power supply, the local power began again, the plant is currently only open a 12500KVA furnace, many local smelters have stopped the furnace. Shanxi a high carbon ferromanganese manufacturers said: the recent high manganese prices basically stable, did not continue to decline situation, 75# inquiry more than 65# inquiry, but the price is low, because its own inventory is limited, not willing to ship.
From the dynamics of steel, near the end of the month, some steel mills and suppliers have started to negotiate. According to a steel related personage expresses, at present, the factory stock still can maintain for more than 1 months, so there is not a large number of pre stocking, but considering the Spring Festival factory holidays and other factors, the purchase amount will be consistent with last month. In addition, considering the weather factors leading to decline in production in major producing areas, and because most of the steel purchase price in January is generally low, many manufacturers are reluctant to supply, so the purchase price will greatly increase compared with January. It is expected that the procurement of steel works will be carried out next week.
Export market: guimeng 6517# export quotation at $1500-1550 / ton about FOB; 6014 at $1330-1360 / ton; high carbon 75# $1680-1730 / ton; medium carbon 78C1.5# $2250-2280 / ton; carbon 78C2.0# $2180-2220 / ton; low carbon 80C0.5 2450-2500 dollars / ton.
At present, because more manganese alloy manufacturers choose to wait and see, for low price procurement interest is not large, said the current inventory is acceptable, and not eager to ship. Affected by this, it is expected that the pre - term manganese alloy will maintain a steady rise.