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Jun Feng refractories Strength, advanced production equipment

Automatic production line 4, annual production of more than 3 tons of refractory products. The utility model can be used for various industrial kilns such as shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.


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Port Ore quotes continue to increase the cash transaction is


This week, the specific situation is: the port inventory of chrome ore from Lianyungang, 1 million 520 thousand tons, 830 thousand tons of Tianjin port, Shanghai port, Zhanjiang port 780 thousand tons, 160 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons of Fangchenggang and other ports 4-5 million tons.
This week some slightly rising price of chrome ore. 44% of the South African port of Tianjin flour price for 56-57 yuan / ton; 42% grade ore block of Turkey mainstream offer for 70-71 yuan / ton; 50% of the India Lianyungang offer for 64-66 yuan / ton; Lianyungang 37%-38% South Africa ore price 60-61 yuan / ton; 32% bid for Tianjin port Oman chrome 51-52 yuan / ton; above all port tax price. The market price of fine powder of 42%-44% in South Africa is quoted at 280-290 US dollars / ton, 42% of Turkey lump ore market is quoted at 360-380 US dollars / ton, and 32% of Oman chrome lump ore market is quoted at 195-205 US dollars / ton.
This week, outside the relatively stable domestic ports offer chrome, chrome ore price still tends to rise. Mainly by years ago by atmosphere, the port traders price trend will continue, continue to offer up. And according to a trader in Lianyungang, the transaction price is steadily rising, at present, Turkey 41%-42% lump ore transaction price is about 69 yuan / ton, 43% of South Africa fine powder can also be sold to 55 yuan / ton, but the sales volume has yet to be enlarged.