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Jun Feng refractories Strength, advanced production equipment

Automatic production line 4, annual production of more than 3 tons of refractory products. The utility model can be used for various industrial kilns such as shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.


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Gas generator for energy saving, environmental protection an


In the ceramic industry into the cold winter climate, as a supplier of ceramic machinery enterprises are also in trouble. But insist on marketing innovation, technological innovation, product innovation of China Energy Group is dangerous for machine, occupy the commanding height of the market two section gas introduction of energy saving and environmental protection, safe operation of the furnace. Henglitai and Morgana press, and other famous enterprises kiln combination, products exported to the international market advantages, increase the vitality of bundling. To this end, the day before the interview Huayuan Group Chairman Zhao Qiusheng, and deep into its production base -- Huayuan Group, Foshan Nanhai Xiaotang Xinjing Industry Zone witnessed the strength test of winter without fear. Chairman Zhao very clear-sighted market situation at home and abroad, told reporters that the face of many ceramic ceramic machine enterprises to take winter hibernation in winter, while China energy group can act in a diametrically opposite way, take the "winter" of physical fitness to meet the challenges of the winter. Highly favored by customers of China Energy Group, composed of Foshan City, China Energy Equipment Development Co. Ltd., Foshan city Okun Machinery Co. Ltd. two professional technology and Equipment Manufacturing Company, on 1980s the first batch of Chinese introduction and use of European countries two section gas generating furnace advanced technology backbone, through continuous improvement and innovation, and gradually formed a series production conditions for domestic and foreign products our customers get full recognition. In 2004, China Energy Group officially settled in Foshan, relying on the rich experience and strong technical force constantly, Foshan dozens of well-known ceramics enterprises "tailored" nearly 200 sets of two stage gasifier. Products are exported to Indonesia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Columbia and other countries. China Energy Group to span type development momentum, become a gas making Southern China the largest area Chinese furnace and various accessories suppliers, while also involved in gas power generation, energy saving heat, coal utilization, waste heat recovery and other fields, made an outstanding contribution to maximize the use of energy and environmental pollution minimization. At present, some non qualified gas stove manufacturing enterprises dumping, so that many ceramic enterprises users deceived, the production site is not complete, the desulfurization of phenol water refractory, pungent odor filled with dirty and messy situation, Zhao thought must be made without pollution, no smell of the acceptance standard of two stage cold coal gas furnace. Cannot emphasize price war jerrybuilding and others. Because the group building cold gas station is based on the hot gas stove to add purification equipment and other fittings, so that the gas to eliminate the smell is more clean, pressurized transportation increased the pressure stability of the gas. So although the price is without qualification "copycat factory" gas furnace manufacturing enterprises more than 10 percentage points higher than the excellent performance but the energy saving and environmental protection, high automation, safe operation, no smell of sulfur dioxide emissions for the user to lift menace from the rear. After the cold gas station is put into production, it greatly saves the expensive cost of burning fuel oil for ceramic wall and floor tile enterprises, and can recover the investment in technical renovation in half a year. The design and construction of spray tower CWS stove is China Energy Group. The chairman of the board said that CWS is a clean liquid fuel instead of oil, which can liquefy as oil. China launched the excess sulfur energy dry removal desulfurization tower in coal gas desulfurizer, its filled with iron oxide and activated carbon two, through physical and chemical reactions, the sulfur dioxide emission in the combustion gas after desulphurization is greatly reduced, both to protect the environment and improve the product quality of dry powder. China based energy group launched in cold gas stations, coal water slurry, blast furnace dry desulfurization tower and other major equipment, also launched intelligent gas alarm control equipment, 1266D portable gas leakage concentration detector and other accessories escort, creating a new situation in the maximum energy saving energy.