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Jun Feng refractories Strength, advanced production equipment

Automatic production line 4, annual production of more than 3 tons of refractory products. The utility model can be used for various industrial kilns such as shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.


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aluminum powder


Metal aluminum powder is a kind of silver metal pigment. YISHION foil is added with a small amount of lubricant. It is crushed and crushed into scaly powder and then polished. Aluminum powder has light weight, high floating force, strong hiding power, and good reflectivity to light and heat. After treatment, it can also be a non floating aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints, but also to make fireworks. Aluminum powder is a kind of metal pigment because of its wide use, large demand and many varieties.
Physicochemical properties and uses are odorless. The spontaneous combustion temperature of silver white powder is 5900 degrees, and the lower limit of dust explosion is 40g/m3. Used to make paints, inks, pigments, and fireworks. It can also be used as an additive for porous concrete. Aluminum can also be used as a therapeutic and pharmaceutical product, as well as in the automotive and aircraft industries.