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South Blizzard affects metal silicon prices slightly higher


This week, the domestic metal silicon market showed a slight upward trend in the low labor rate and transportation problems, but the transaction was not ideal.
In mid January, China's Guizhou, Hunan, Chongqing and Guangxi regions have a wide range of snow and ice roads, brought great negative impact to the transportation, many factories because of transportation problems have to delay delivery, silicon metal factory price also appeared certain rise. According to the network understanding, as of January 21st, Guizhou, Yunnan silicon metal 553# factory tax quote is 13700-13900 yuan / ton, 441# factory tax quote at 14700-14900 yuan / ton, and the weekend compared to the rise in the range of 200 yuan / ton. In addition to lower operating rate during the dry season, the price of metal silicon in the major producing areas is more firm. At present, Yunnan Kunming 3303# warehouse delivery price is 15000-15200 yuan / ton, 2202# warehouse price is 16000-16200 yuan / ton, and last weekend compared to rise in the range of 200 yuan / ton.
Although most foreign buyers have returned to the market, but many traders revealed that the recent foreign inquiries are not many, the actual transaction is rare. Affected by domestic prices, in addition to the 553# export price slightly raised, other grade silicon metal price being steady. Specifically as follows: 553#'s export quotation is 2500-2550 US dollars / ton FOB, 441#'s export quotation is 2650-2700 US dollars / ton FOB, 3303#'s export quotation is 2800-2850 US dollars / ton FOB, 2202#'s export quotation is 2950-3000 US dollars / ton FOB.
In addition to transport hindered problems, recently, the price of high sulfur petroleum coke from metallic silicon has also declined. At present, the price of the Yangtze high sulfur petroleum coke has dropped to 1630 yuan / ton.
Forecast: near the end of the year, the demand is not brisk, the price of raw materials is down, and the rise of the metal silicon market is limited.